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8/19/2014 [michigander0131
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8/19/2014 IMF’s Middle East Regional Technical Assistance Center Concludes Training on Banking Supervision Press Release No. 14/391 August 19, 2014 The International Monetary Fund’s Middle East Regional Technical Assistance Center (METAC) held a regional workshop titled ‘Basel III: Practical Aspects and Implementation’ in Beirut, Lebanon from August 12 to 14, 2014.1 The workshop attracted directors and deputy directors of supervision departments, and senior bank examiners from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The workshop was attended by 20 participants representing 10 METAC member countries—Afghanistan, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, West Bank, and Yemen. During the workshop, participants had the opportunity to engage in interactive, hands-on training on how countries in the MENA region could coordinate implementation and practices of Basel III standards on banking supervision among their various supervisory authorities.
 8/19/2014 [michigander0131] Central calls to action Order mail 8/20/2014 0:00 Baghdad Confirmed the possibility of expanding the central bank acts of banks and money transfer companies and mobile phone companies and the exercise of any of the activities of the e-payment if they wish to work in the system of electronic payment services for the money No. 2 for the year 2014. In this context, said Dr. Majid academic economic Baidhani to call the bank for banks and companies come through the pursuit of the development of the payments system in Iraq, He told the (morning) that the central bank has been doing years to develop and implement plans to serve the process of transition to a market economy and freedom from the central system
[michigander0131] It is good to see they were doing what they were suppose to do in preparation for the day Maliki was gone. Let's hope that change is coming soon. BTW, this article is referring to "project chunked" which is the electronic payment system that is now activated. Which includes electronic payment, ACH (Automated Clearing House), credit cards, and phone banking.
[michigander0131] 8/20/2014 0:00 The aim of the development of the banking sector He noted in an interview for the "morning" to the need to work on building the introductions true for the transition to a market economy in accordance with the insight confirms that the private banking sector should play a leading role in partnership with all the episodes of macroeconomic in the economic process, especially that Iraq is on the verge variables important political and economic The objective is proper construction of the economy and the investment of national resources in order to achieve the well-being of the community. He pointed to the possibility of achieving it through three directions start of the relationship with the Central Bank of Iraq through activation of joint work with him and to address the problems of the private banks, which would contribute to finding an active role in the application of monetary policy and contribute to economic development.
 8/19/2014 [michigander0131] they are moving right along to get the currency reform project up too par and implimented/still some more to do // but at least they are making great movement