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MICHIGANDER0131 8/1/2014
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MICHIGANDER0131 8/1/2014

[michigander0131] 29/07/2014 Working Party on the Accession of Iraq to the WTO ยทยทยท on=False
[michigander0131] 8 steps to accession. Many of which are stages a country must pass through What this WTO post appears to be is graduation to step 8. Which is not accession, but the final faze..which still contains all the conditions set forth before. This basically puts it all on Iraq. The WTO has said, as soon as you do what is required you can have full accession because you have met the previous seven stages. the list is at least...tariffs, laws, currency convertibility, less dependency on oil, etc. So Iraq has work to do, but this is an incentive for them for sure. IMO, Iraq is still a year or two out before they will fully join the WTO.   
[michigander0131] Citizen: the National Alliance will choose its candidate for prime minister before the hearing next Tuesday Fri Aug 01 2014 14:11 | (Voice of Iraq) The MP said the bloc citizen, Habib Terminal in an interview for "Alsumaria News", "The National Alliance will hold a meeting before the parliamentary session next Tuesday to choose a candidate for prime minister."
[waynoiam2] And ppl act like they do no wrong
[waynoiam2] Like they are really helping us
[michigander0131] waynoiam2 well as for our leader all he does is pass on what he is told// thats all so he is just being told this stuff and when it neaver happens its not his fault// he is just taking what someone told him and repeating it
[waynoiam2] Uh huh
[michigander0131] National Alliance is the largest bloc and will be tasked to form the next cabinet. [Print] [Save] 01/08/2014 17:28:00 Arbil / Nina /-- Head of Kurdistan Democratic Party parliamentary bloc MP Ardalan Noureddine announced that the President of the republic is constitutionally obliged to nominate the candidate of the largest parliamentary bloc to form a government, stressing that the differences with the out-going Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki are not of personal nature , rather because of his policies and decisions. He said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / Nina / today: "The biggest bloc which is the National Alliance is entitled to form a government after tasked by the President of the Republic./End