Author Topic: First hand bank story!! Posted by Oldschool on August 6, 2014  (Read 302 times)

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First hand bank story!! Posted by Oldschool on August 6, 2014
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First hand bank story!!  Posted by Oldschool on August 6, 2014

One of my best friends had to deposit 2 checks at BOA yesterday. He placed the checks on the counter and told the teller he needed to deposit them in his account . While the teller was prossesing the checks he pulled a 500,000 dong note out of his wallet that he carries all the time , placed it on the counter and politely asked when he would be able to deposit that in his account .

The teller looked at it and said we can probably do it today. My friend said will that be at the revalued rate? Then my friend said that's okay because we probably will not see a rise In the rate of the dong until the government of Iraq is seated.

 Then he told the teller and that won't happen until the USA releases their currency the ( and the teller said it the same time as him TRN)!!! The teller said how do you know about the TRN . He said they had been having meetings about every other day for the last two weeks on the TRNs.

 He was shocked of my friends knowledge on the subject. He asked what he thought that dong note would be worth after the revalue. Which my friend schooled him on the econamy of Vietnam . His eyes bugged out when he told him the value of that note could be.

Then the teller stated he had several hundred 25 k notes of dinar himself . He asked my friend what he thought they would revalue at. Bxxxxx told him what the bonds sold at that it would not be less then that. Which at this time the teller about stroked out.

Needless to say he confirmed the TRNs where supposed to be released last week and he confirmed they had been in meetings constantely !! Needless to say us dinarians are way more schooled then the bank personnel !! It's coming people just hang on!!!

It's my personal friend and I just got off the phone with him. He was pumped to say the least.