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The GET Team Roundtable Call

01/30/13 @ 9:00 PM ET

Skype: freeconferencecallhd.7676
Conference dial-in number: (760) 569-7676  
Participant access code:479470
# to ask Q & A.



 Listen on "FLASH PHONE" copy this  link into a browser 

 Then click:  Dial in with Flash phone ICON, Then click:  find number choose  760 569 7676 then enter 479470 Enter your name click on
Place Call



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Chat Room Rules! Please Read

1. Always follow the GET Golden Rules:

· “Do onto others, as you would want them to do unto you.”
· “Respect one another and they will in turn learn to respect you.”
· “Treat others as you would want them to treat you.”

2. Do not make continuous remarks of disrespect (racist or prejudicial remarks).

3. Please stay away from conversations of political nature.

4. Please stay away from religious conversations unless you are in the Prayer Room.

5. No outright selling of products, services, or promoting any business unless authorized by TerryK or Amadden.

6. Please stay away from continuous disruptive and negative behavior that is harming the positive energy of the website. Any continuous provocative behavior will not be tolerated.

7. You can be banned if we have evidence supporting that you have broken the website rules even once, depending on the severity of the incident.

8. Knowingly making up false information or Intel will not be tolerated.

9. If a member knowingly is breaking a rule, they are banned.

10. If you are banned, kicked or silenced at anytime, you will be given proper written communication on why this occurred.

11. Your actions on this website should be appropriate and respectful. If you are writing or speaking in provocative manner that offends the members of this website, please stop. This also means, if at any time you are in a conversation with a member and you are breaking a rule of the website in the chat room, verbally, or posting anything in the forums section, you are to refrain from using inappropriate and/or disrespectful comments.

12. When you are in doubt you are breaking any of the website’s rules, refer back to GET Golden Rules.

13. Theft of any kind, including IP addresses or content of GET website, shall result in being banned as well as possible lawsuit. 

14.  Bold typing is allowed only for TerryK, Al Madden, Gankans,  Intel Gurus and Chat Room Manager.

15.  No Caps when typing. (Reserve for TerryK only)

16.  Do not use more than 2 emoticons per sentence.

17.  Members are to use blue or black color only when typing.

18. ABSOLUTELY NO Talking about TAX in any form!!! 

19. Typing using dashes, $$ signs, spaces, etc. in order to use vulgar or inappropriate words that the system blocks is unacceptable.  

If you are uncertain if you are breaking a rule or rules, please consult with an administrator or moderator before continuing. Ask the Administrator or Moderator to Instant Message (IM) you to discuss in private


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